Phesant count 1st of decmeber

I am hunting the same private ground I have hunted for over 20 years. crp/heavy fencelines. over the past few years when the count was way down, the dog and I had plenty of birds to chase..... never had a problem flushing birds. this year on opening day we all decided the numbers were about the same as last year !! but since opening weekend, I cant find any birds, a hen or two but not the 20-30 birds we would flush in a half day hunt? what are you guys seeing on the same ground you have hunted in the past? thanks


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I tend to agree with this. It has been weird this year. I have moved a very good number of hens this year. However, the rooster numbers are so low, it is depressing.

NC IA Tail Chaser

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Hey guys I agree the first couple of weeks of the season were weird., lots of hens and not many birds. But I have had good luck since about Thanksgiving week. I have been working the grass edges of almost any cover. I stay away from the center of fields unless there is heavy cover then I hunt the edges of the heavy cover. I haven't hunted any cat tails yet because the weather has been so warm. I hunt a mix of private and public and have had successful hunts in both. I have also heard that ditches along corn fields that have not been plowed yet early morning and late afternoon have been good. Hope the season gets better for you guys.

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NC IA Tail Chaser, thank you for the report and the photos.

Although I am far away and now long ago; I grew up in the Ellsworth, Randall, Jewell area in the 1960's and last hunted that area in about 1976. Nice to see at least some areas of Central Iowa still hold pheasants.

Tom Tyler