pheasant opener


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opens tomorrow. I have seen a lot of birds in the areas I have been quail hunting so I am hoping the hatch went well all over. I have harvested 22 quail so far but my shooting would make one think I was a rookie as I have gone through a lot of shells for those birds. Today I went out for an hour and a half and flushed 3 roosters in an area that we hunted last sunday. That day we jumped 16 birds, 11 hens and 5 roosters. Now if only I can find these birds come tomorrow and beyond. Looking forward to a good season. Buddy my 2yr old springer is Fng awesome and is really starting to amaze me more than frustrate me and if I can start to shoot better he might not be so frustrated with me!! todays quail count one for 2 shots but saw upwards of 50 birds today....damn Russian olive thickets aren't easy to hunt but once it gets cold things will change. good luck Washington guys and post up some results

I am in the eburg area and willing to travel anywhere east of here so if anybody wants to hook up for a hunt would be cool. Im kind of a lone wolf hunter but teaming up with a real hunter would be cool too