Park reserve training


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Hey guys,
I came across a park reserve close to my house that has an off leash dog area. The park reserve allows you to use pigeons, quail, chukars and pheasants to be used for training purposes, but you can't kill or injure the birds. They also recommend that the training birds be recovered before leaving the area. Have any of you guys come across a training area like this? How does one recover these birds, and how do you do it without injuring them? Would you recommend tying a disc to the birds to limit their flight? What are the best birds to use in a situation like this? Thanks in advance.


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Shackled or clipped wing pigeon is easy to recover. If you have a coop they would fly home after being conditioned. As far as quail, pheasants and other game birds, I would not use them outside of hunting season.


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There's on of those in the Minneapolis Metro and I've thought about using pigeons but I've always been concerned about other dogs getting involved.