Pad Heal???

A5 Sweet 16

Do any of you have experience w/ "Pad Heal" by Cut-Heal? I've heard from a couple people elsewhere that it's great stuff for not only conditioning/protecting a dog's pads, but also to help them heal (no pun intended...heel???). :eek:

Whenever we get the "Besides booties, what do you use on your dog's feet?" question, it seems like the standard answer (including my own) is Musher's Secret. I really like M.S., but I'm not aware that it actually aids healing. (and certainly not heeling)

I did a search on here & was surprised to only come up w/ one old thread that really gave minimal info on Pad Heal.

Anyone?? Thanks for your help.
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Frank C

I have never used Pad Heal. My Brittany sliced his pad on a Dec 26 hunt. I applied EMT gel several times per day and he was good to go after 5-days. When conditioning him as the season approaches, I apply Tough Foot to his pads each evening before bed.



Musher's Secret and lots of roadwork on the scoria roads we have out here. By the time season rolls around their pads are as tough as a rhino's...
On cuts I've used nu-skin. It will get them by in a pinch and keep them hunting if it is only a minor cut. To toughen them up I use a product from clean run that seems to work really well. Hunted in western Kansas Among the sand burrs this year and they never missed a beat without using boots.