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Thinking about hunting MN 28DEC-01JAN. Looking for recommendations on where to hunt. I'd be coming in from PA on the 28th, hunting 29,30,31 and buying a 72 hour license. Have dog, will travel. Thanks in advance.


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Your best bet is Western Minnesota. Anywhere from Worthington Minnesota to Lac Qui Parle has the best numbers and public land access. If you Google the Minnesota Roadside Pheasant survey, you'll get alot of good information. A hot spot map, roadside count numbers, etc. There's other areas of the state where I've heard good reports, but day in, day out, that area I mentioned is going to produce the best, IMO.
Look through the MN DNR website at the areas of bird numbers, along with the recreation compass online for public land. MN has lots of public land to offer. Generally anywhere in the south-central, south west, to west-central part of the state has a decent bird population. I hunt right up to closing day but I live here, coming from that far away I would keep the weather in mind. There's always a chance that we will have a lot of December snow that could impact your plans - I wouldn't let that deter your trip though, just something to keep in mind leading up to it.
On the MN DNR recreation compass you have 3 types of public land that are most common. The orange land is state wma and you can use any shell. The yellow land is federal waterfowl production land and non toxic only. The green is WIA, walk in access, this requires an extra $3 validation you'll have to request on your license. It is private land open to public hunting as long as you pay the 3 bucks. Lead shot is allowed on WIA sites.


Western MN may have the most birds, but it will also for sure have the most hunters. And if you intend to hunt public land that late in the season, you will almost certainly run into some extremely wily birds that will have been pressured for months already. If I were you, I’d go somewhere that has less hunting pressure. Try further north near the Alexndria area instead.


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I was out in southwestern MN today. Covered major areas in 4 of the best counties. There was not one truck parked at a public hunting spot ... We saw maybe a dozen other hunting vehicles total. Of that number around 7 were in three groups all on private land.

The amount of snow across this area of MN is absolutely disheartening. All the prairie grass is laid flat ... all of it. Cattails areas have to be selected wisely. Right now the ice forming will not hold a dog ... let alone a human.

Most crops are out, albeit corn was often abundant around some of my favorite spots. Nearly every field has been tilled and there were many, many tractors out tilling the snow covered fields today.

We saw birds out and about, but far less than I expected with the grass full of grass and the fields snow covered ... vast majority were hanging close evergreens located along active farms.

Some minimum maintenance roads were not very passable. That was a surprise.

We drove up one gravel road and as we approached the paved road and had to stop to watch two roosters spar. They went at it for over 30 seconds before realizing they were being watch ... they trotted out 20 yards into the snow covered field.

With all that, there must have been an announcement that told most to stay home.

We were lucky to each take a bird ... but this is October and it is supposed to be about pheasants and grass and propane dries running in the background.


The amount of snow across this area of MN is absolutely disheartening. All the prairie grass is laid flat ... all of it.
I was worried that would the be case after the heavy snow. Usually doesn't happen until after Thanksgiving. Looks like the snow is gonna melt but the grass isn't going to come back up until next spring.