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Just got Onx for my phone and computer and wanted to see if anyone has had more experience with it. Are the boundaries accurate and are the state and public lands accurate? Basically is it pretty trustworthy? Also curious how accurate the pheasant distribution overlays are? Seems like a great tool.


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Ive had it for a few years. The bounderies have been very accurate. Ive not got into the overlays much and thus havent maximizes the potential. I tend to pick it up 2 weeks before thenseason and them get frustrated from relearning it all over again. Need to start using it year round more
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I use Onx , heck, it is a Montana company. I am guessing the pheasant overlay is just the distribution map the state of Montana put's out. It is accurate on boundaries. Need to remember to store maps for certain areas you might hunt if there is not cell coverage.