Ontario Grouse and woodcock


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I'm hoping to make some friends that I can do some quail hunting with.
I'm 56 and hunt mostly with my son who,is still in school so he may or may not be able to make a trip with me however I would be willing to invite my new friends to come up here to northeastern Ontario and do some grouse and woodcockin with me.Your dogs are welcome.
I have some wine with dinner and an after dinner drink with maybe a cigar but I am no party guy.Enjoy company and am told I'm a funny guy.Been hunting all my life.I still work and am still a few years away from retirement.I,keep,in good shape so walking all day is not a problem,I also love to cook.
I have shot a few quail when we had some in Southern Ontario but they have gone the way of the dodo bird and with them the Hungarian partridge.
PM me if anyone is interested in opening a dialogue .


I am thinking of hunting Ontario this fall. I was thinking of hunting in SE portion of Ontario around Thunder Bay. I was told there was not alot of pressure on the Grouse there. Is that true?



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Steve, Thunder Bay is north central if you are looking on a map of Ont.But to Ontarians it is considered north western Ont
It is the largest centre ,has a population approx 115,000 .That is a big town for northern Ont when you consider the population of nothern Ont is approx 500,000 in area approx twice the size of Texas.
You have to be more specific as to where were you thinking of hunting.Consider a radius of approx 60 miles away from the city and you will be in good grouse country.I have an office in TBay so know the area quite well.May I suggest looking around Armstrong,red lake ,north of Dryden,or north of Ignace.Any of these towns are in great areas,remote and all approx 2-3 hrs away from TBay.If u tell me where u are coming from I can make better suggestions.
All of n Ont has grouse.How they behave depends on the hunting pressure.I can almost hand feed them here and all winter I Have between 2-3 dozen at my bird feeder.How many areas can you find that.Not all of northern Ont can u find 3 species.If u are going to make the trek here,do your homework,you should be able to find hunt able populations of ruffed,spruce,and sharptails.You will find all three around those towns I suggested.I will add Nakina as well,that's approx 2.5 hrs north east of TBay and the fishing for pike and walleye is also great.Hope this helps.


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I can’t help with quail other than meet for some long distance hunting. I do have a cabin in Vermont and a place in Pennsylvania if you want to meet for a hunt. PA has good deer numbers but not much bird hunting where our place is. Vermont has pretty good grouse and woodcock hunting. I’m not sure how far you are but Montreal is probably less that 2 hours away. I have been to Brockville but I am not familiar with any other parts of Ontario.