Oklahoma Rookie


Planning my first quail hunt to Oklahoma. Planned on staying in the Woodward area and hunting public land near that area.

I only have a three day weekend and I want to go where I have the best shot of having my brit wind a few birds.

Any advice or tips would be very much appreciated!
You're just a short drive from Cooper and Ft Supply. There should be birds on both of those places this year. Not sure that's it's a bumper crop, but definitely better in Western OK than its been in awhile.

Take boots for the dogs! I prefer Lewis dog boots. There used to be a sporting goods store in Woodward that sold them. I believe they're made in Enid.
Depends on when you're going. They both get hammered early. Ft Supply has a lake and has more thick cover. Cooper is right across the highway and is more open and much larger. You're looking at around 20,000 acres or so combined. If you can go during the week, you'll have it to yourself for the most part. Early season and on weekends will be crowded.