Off season dog training


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I have had hunting dogs my entire life, mainly GSP and GWP. I recently picked up a 1.5 year old GWP that had never been hunted. I let her be a pup for her first season and follow my 5 year old GWP around and by the end of the season she actually found, pointed and retrieved a rooster on public land. I did supplement her bird finding with a few pigeons, but no real formal training. I am wanting to get her solid on point during the off season and get her whoa trained. What videos or trainers have you used with good success in the past? I trained one GSP using mostly the Perfection Kennels Perfect Start/Finish and thought it was pretty good. I trained my first GSP with some Delmar Smith techniques and we both learned a lot. I watch some Standing Stone Kennels videos and like their approach, but am also thinking of getting the Perfection Kennels Perfect Whoa video set.
I would like to hear what you guys have used and liked.
PK Perfect whoa is hard to beat in my opinion.
Do you know if it requires a lot of birds in the Perfect Whoa? I am hopefully building my pigeon coop this weekend but a lot of methods require a lot of birds and I don't know when I will have a bunch to use.
Whoa for sure. Requires no birds. I use a check cord hitch around waist. Know guys that have used tables. Cord works well for me.
Another vote for the PK method. I have been to 2 of their clinics and I have the perfect woah and perfect steady videos. If you can watch the videos, then go to one of their clinics you’ll have your dog rock solid steady in 4 days.