Nice Hunt Last Wednesday

Road Runner

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My cousin and I made a day trip to Idaho on Wednesday. Had a good day, nice weather, and good company. We saw 6 pheasants all roosters on public ground. We managed to bag 3 between us. Pretty good dog work all day long. We also saw a covey of huns about 20 birds in the group but a gun malfunction and we did not get a shot at them. They flew out into the middle of a private corn stubble field so no follow-up.

Here is the frustrating part of our day. Last year we found a nice little piece of public ground that has tree lines and a pond on it. A big covey of quail and a few pheasants were on it last year. This year when we tried to return both of the roads that lead to the ground were posted private road no trespassing. It is a piece of CWMU ground with a sign posted on it stating hunting is permitted. Last year when we were talking to a Fish and Game officer, he stated that the farmers were given extra public land to farm in return they would provide a little habitat on these small pieces of public ground in order to provide hunting opportunites. It just seems wrong if they get extra ground to farm and then they block all access to the hunting spots. Does anyone on here know anything about these CWMU and the obligations to provide access to them?