New walk in map


Sooooooo...... The NE corner was crowded enough. Now the DOW is allowing big game hunting on what looks like 80% of all walk in in the state and still not charging for a stamp. This should be an interesting season.... We don't have the amount of land that other neighboring states have for public access on the plains and now small game hunters have to watch out for people shooting rifles in an already crowded hunting area? Tell me I am crazy!
They have been doing this in Kansas for a while now. Never really been bothered by it as a bird hunter. The other aspect is that the Eastern prairie is a limited draw area and most of the GMU units have high PP point values so the number of hunters are much lower than the high country.

My biggest concern after you brought this up and looking at the 2019 maps is the amount of WIA DOW has seem to have lost. Some of the areas I hunt that had quite a bit of access now seem to be few and far between. Apparently DOW must not be keeping up with the leases or they are using the monies elsewhere.


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This is only the early season walk in atlas which usually has much less walk in available that the late season walk i that comes out right before pheasant season opens.