New DIY Dog Box Build


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Miforester you know I've never even thought about that. I always thought people ran them behind the cab for better fuel mileage. I did lose a mile to the gallon the other day, but I had over 800 lbs of extra gear people and my big dog I didn't have along last time I made the same route.Thats a good question though, I'm kind of worried about dust ending up in the box too now. I know if you threw a bucket of sawdust in the back of my 05 ram, tailgate up or down it would end up behind the cab anyway. Thanks for pointing that out, I'm going to keep an eye out on it.
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You are right stuff will accumulate behind cab, but having the dogbox there i feel more comfortable with air flow. Yeah dust, dirt and roadgrim will find its way in, but having the flaps will prevent alot of it just make sure other vents are opened some for air flow. Like i said not sure if my worries are valid but i do think about it.