Never been able to shoot the model 12 well.


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I like to shoot a lot of older guns at the trap range. I’ve never been able to get the model 12 to shoot like the others, always forget to cover up the target.

Well High Plains Gunstocks have a bunch of gunstocks that fit so I ordered a very plain Jane basic set. I honestly don’t care for a lot of checkering and fancy looking grain in a stock. This stock set is excellent quality. They have many more that are as fancy as a person might want, more money of course.

The stock came roughed out very well, I didn’t have to mess with the area that meets the receiver at all, very good fitment. I had to cut the length to fit, which is fine, and I had to reduce the comb so it would shoot at the same point my other trap guns shoot. I highly recommend them.

I looked for a real deal grip cap but couldn’t find one I liked so I just screwed on a nice piece of oak for now. I actually liked my old forearm so I didn’t use theirs, the match isn’t as good as theirs but I like it. I did do some light sanding on the forearm so it did come a little rougher that what you see here.

I put a pound of lead in the butt and a half pound in the top of the magazine. Didn’t weigh the gun.

All the grandpa's at the trap club love that model 12, and shoot them quite well. Someday I'll have to borrow one and try it.
Your post about High Plains gunstocks is going to cost me a lot of money I think.

Just bought a 16 gauge from 1923 last week.

Going to send to Mike Orlen for tubes. Gotta get the chamber/ejection port lengthened, then I’m going to try my hand at rust bluing. If it turns out decent, going to buy some new wood.

Look out wild roosters….
If they weren’t so heavy I’d still be shooting one. This was my favorite trap gun. My wife’s dad was a devout trap shooter. She bought this one from an old friend of her dads for my birthday many years ago. It’s a built-up field grade. Pictures don’t do the wood justice. Wood was done by a well-known stock builder back in the 70’s. (Anton??)F878356A-EBF4-495C-9319-00036C88F882.jpeg