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We had our annual trip 11/20-11/24 and it was the worst trip we've had in 6 years (2x a year, so 12 trips total). The amount of water that was around central/SC ND was astonishing. We had many areas that we've hunted every year that were literally a 5ft deep lake. Corn was at least 80% still unharvested. Birds were not bunched up whatsoever, and saw extremely few from the roads. 3 guys and 2 dogs, we walked between 10-12 miles/day. Farmers we talked to said this is the worst crop situation they've seen in 20+ years, so not terribly surprised by our low bird count. Hard to say if the low amount of birds seen was because of habitat loss, or mostly because all the corn was still in. Every day the weather was between 35-50 degrees, which was way too warm and prevented us from walking any type of slough or terrain with cattails. Even though it's still my favorite trip of the year, definitely a rough go. I'm hoping that since they got some snow recently and temps are looking especially cold next week that farmers will be able to put a solid dent in the crops over the next 3 weeks. Going back around Christmas, hopefully for some better results. Lots of farmers we talked to in the area said the big hail storm they got was much worse than the news depicted.

Anybody know how much snow there was around the Linton area? Hard to really find any concrete #'s online.

Hope everyone else has had a little more luck this year.