My official start of spring


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This year is an unusual one because it hasn't been "normal" for so long. Living in the foothills, when the Sandhill Cranes show up in Oct. that's the start of fall for me and when they fly north in Feb that's the start of spring. No cranes this year but a mature Bald Eagle along with an immature flew over the house last month heading North. That's the first Bald Eagle I've seen migrating in the 67 years I've lived in Auburn. I'm sure it's not the first eagle ever, just the first I've seen. Lots of resident eagles around all the Sierra lakes. Just now a flock of about 50-75 Snow Geese flew NE over the house about 150 yd.s high clearly migrating north. I've seen Snows in our area in the past when "wet" years were normal but haven't seen a flock in decades. It's nice to have signposts for the year again.