Amazing how many land owners (not just farmers) mow ditches and old empty lots of land that could offer habitat for wildlife. As hunters we should all be pushing our friends, relatives, and neighbors to stop this where possible. I have gotten a few of my friends to stop the beauty mowing. More to work on!


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I agree but I think there’s less mowing all the time. I always assumed it was from budget cuts with a benefit for wildlife as well. Maybe the far north is different than your area?
In our area the counties still mow the rural ditches. If the county doesn't get to them quickly many of the locals will mow them anyhow.
Once in a while you see the waterways in fields hayed. The ditches are mowed and empty farm lots mowed for aesthetics mainly. I have also had a couple farmers tell me they mow to keep any weeds from going to seed and spreading into their crops.