Montana warriors on the water veteran fishing trip

This summer montana warriors on the water will host another great fishing trip in the middle of july for service members former and current. The mwotw facebook page has an application form that needs to be filled out asap. We start at hell creek, then boat across to ft peck marina for more fishing and comradery. There is no cost to applicants, all expenses are taken care of including flights to montana, as this is open to vets all over the country. Mwotw plans to host 15-18 vets at this time. Check out the mwotw facebook page for details about this years trip and of past adventures we have hosted. Pm for any questions or if i can be of assistance. PLEASE SHARE WITH OTHERS!
This summer's trip will have between 18-20 vets from not only Montana, but all across this great country. Info is on MWOTW facebook page.