Montana Ducks


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Having fun taking photos of migrating ducks here in Montana.
I've been using a relatively inexpensive used bridge camera (Nikon P900) on my daily morning hikes at a local refuge.
Lots of diversity in Montana...mallards, pintails, widgeon, gadwall, 3 teal species, wood duck, shoveler, diver species.

Drake Redhead at sunset

A lone Ruddy duck in a coot raft.

Cinnamon Teal:

Open Water Divers
Great pics AK! Those male shovelers & teal are really something this time of year (as are the rest)- been seeing quite a few turkey scouting - always have to stop and put eyes on them
Enjoyed your pictures Skeet. While fishing out west, I got to observe a clutch of coot chicks, now they really are "punked out" chicks, but no pics.
Try Google
Cool pics. Where abouts you at in Montana?

I was out in whitefish for a few days last weekend. Beautiful place. Not sure lots of roosters around there though.