Missouri Opener

Headed back to MO for the opener and 6-7 days of bird hunting before deer season. Will then pick things back up in MO around Thanksgiving. Will give Kansas a go after their deer season as well. 3 high power pointers ready to go.

Looking forward to hearing/seeing from others.
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I took my son out for youth season over the weekend and was pleasantly surprised by the number of pheasants we encountered. I usually skip the opener, but at this point I am inspired enough by what I saw that I may give it a run opening morning (if he lets me skip youth deer hunt that Sunday morning). Plus, I have an 8 month old GSP that's doing pretty well, so I want to get her some more work too. Good luck to everyone and be safe!
Well, I didn't get out this weekend because my darn kid didn't shoot a deer on Saturday.... Bright side he did get one on Sunday, so missing opening day ended up pretty positive. What did you guys see out there???? I'm going to head out for a warm one on Wednesday and then go again this weekend.


I hunted north central, saw 2 covey of quail, shot 1 in the timber. Bird was a younger bird, coveys were maybe 10 birds each. Did not see any pheasants, and the crops were still in. It was nice to get out and get ready for Kansas opener. I will try closer to home in the morning on Friday before it get hot.
Talked to a few of my buds who have been taking advantage of the weather (or not) before I get back to MO. They're top notch bird finders finding 3-4 coveys per day. If you'e close to a decent shot, that means getting into many opportunities to harvest a limit. Covey size good. Look forward to hearing how all are doing.
I got out this past Saturday and had a pretty solid hunt. I'd agree, the quail population seems pretty darn solid. The covey's are all nice sized, so it makes for some real fun hunting. My 8 month old GSP pup had some solid points and her first pheasant retrieve! She seems to be coming along really nice. I'm excited to head out again.


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