Meet Harry, son of Kepa

Kevin W

Hey all,
Kevin here from Sioux City, a few of you may remember my hunt updates a couple seasons back with Kepa my female yellow lab (now 4 yrs old). Kepa is doing great and even spent a little time with a trainer this spring working on her retrieval hold. As some of you may remember last summer Kepa had a litter of yellows and out of the litter my son Kenny kept a male he named Harry. Harry is almost a year old now and just completed his HRC Started Hunting Retriever Title this past weekend at the Salt Valley HRC Hunt test. Kenny and I are both very proud of Harry and look forward to hunting with Harry this fall. I hope to resume posting hunt updates a bit more often this coming season with Kepa and Harry.

The first four pic is Kepa working on her hold and the last four are of Harry at his trials IMG_1910.jpegResized_20230516_155947~2.jpegIMG_1864.jpegIMG_1908.jpegIMG_1510.jpeg
Beautiful dogs! Congrats on passing the hunt test. I enjoyed your updates and look forward to many more!
It seemed you were MIA for a bit. Good work with the pup, looking forward to your reports this fall. I think we will have great numbers again.
Update on Harry!!! I was able to get Harry out and hunt behind him for a bit. My son Kenny who owns Harry has been steadily hunting him for ducks and pheasants and has been telling me Harry has been doing really well. Kenny works for the railroad and his days off don’t often align with mine. So when I had the chance to take Harry out for a quick hunt that’s what I did.
I took Harry to a crp patch that gets hunted on occasion but not over hunted. The landowner confirmed no one had hunted it in the morning so we were good to go. Right away I noticed Harry hunts close and I really like that. I was watching him closely to see what tells he would give off when we got into birds. It didn’t take long. Harry got birdy in the first couple hundred yards and man does he get low. His tail also gets a tight rapid wag to it. The first rooster got up early well ahead of Harry but not too far for the vintage plain barrel full choked 870 that an elderly neighbor / friend of mine gave Kenny before he passed a number of years ago. I hunted with this guy a lot when I was younger and he smoked a pipe before during and after the hunts. Man I miss his company and the smell of the pipe tobacco. Back to the hunt, the rooster crumpled at the shot (which is good, because I initially forgot to work the pump as I am so use to the 1187 I primarily use). Harry made a nice retrieve and we continued on. The second rooster held for Harry and he showed me his point. A low crouch with an intense stare, I loved it. I went in to flush the bird and Harry went with. Up came a rooster and one quick shot produced a miss and the second shot was a distance better suited for the 870. Crumpled #2. It took Harry a bit to find him but we succeeded. On the way back up the bronco we flushed a third rooster and I initially thought I missed him but he then went straight up folded and straight back down. I should shoot this 870 more often. Harry made another retrieve and we made it back to the Bronco.
I forgot the phone in the Bronco so no action pics but I did get a limit pose with Harry after talking to the landowner for a while. 20231118_170517.jpeg
Kenny took Harry out this past weekend and was able to harvest a very unique looking rooster. Harry pointed him and Kenny made the shot. After the hunt Kenny swung by the taxidermist and dropped this one off for a mount.IMG_4259.jpeg


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