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I just moved out here from South Dakota and I am still a little birdy, I am wondering is there any place to get some birds around here. I live in southern maryland and have no problem to driving a couple hours to get some birds. Thanks for the help

Hey if you ever hear anything let me know. I am always looking to get out and chase some birds. I am in Bel Air 30 mi NE of Baltimore. Let me know if you wan to get out.
Hey guys, I have a good friend out in Maryland, not sure how far from you all he his. I am sure he could probably give you guys some good info, he is in Hagerstown, and if your close to him at all, he has some fantastic german shorthairs, you gotta see, very very nice birddogs. You can find his contact info on his webpage., his name is Bob Grove, hope that helps some.

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Hi guy's, Back in the good old days, 60's, 70's and early 80's you could hunt wild pheasants in Maryland and limit out. Today there are very, very, very few wild birds left. We have become a State of raised preserve birds. So really if you want to find Pheasant hunting in Maryland it is going to be at a hunting preserve. I have been out to South Dakota three times pheasant hunting and it was the greatest pheasant hunting that I have ever experience. Always looking to go back...if any of you new Maryland guy's ever want to make a trip to South Dakota let me know. Jeff
gunnerdog, I am in MD as well. I have been to SD pheasant hunting 4 times and love it. Where in MD are you located?