Many of us are pigs.


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I’m sure it’s just waterfowlers, and certainly no one here. Each spring the grandkids and I pick up trash around the lakeshore. Probably a half mile of shore line we usually get two bags of trash. Each year.

Am I the only one who makes every reasonable effort to pick up my spent shells ?

This is just a sample, there was much more.

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I haven’t hunted waterfowl in years, but when I did and used a pump or an auto I did miss some shells that I couldn’t find. Now with a double there are very few I miss and when I do it is usually in snow.
Not to rag on waterfowlers, but they definitely seem messier than upland guys. Whenever I've gone duck hunting with some buddies who are waterfowl only types, they always have a bag with snacks. They always take their trash back with them, but I question how many guys with the same snack bags do not. I also wonder just how many spent shells end up in duck ponds from waterfowl guys. My auto will fling shells pretty far, and if a guy was in a boat, any spent shells will definitely end up in the water.

That said, I've seen some messy ass parking areas too going into WMAs that were left from upland guys. I'm always throwing my trash and other trash I've picked up into my truck. I usually come home with more trash than is mine and that's ok I guess. But it's definitely frustrating.
McFarmer, those photos are awful to look at. I fish where bait fishing is allowed and the baities litter bev, bait, and gear containers.
Happy to pick up litter, cans , bottles , and empty shells when I am walking. I watched a friend doing it all the time. Maybe just like him , be an example!
I’m not perfect I’ve definitely missed some waterfowling and upland hunting especially. Happens so fast when a rooster flushes. Your a good man
I don't waterfowl hunt anymore now but I'm sure I missed some of my ejected casings when I did. Most of them floated so I just picked them up.

If you think hunters are slobs, go check out a lake in the winter time here that's full of ice fishermen. 10 times worse.
I hike a National Wildlife Refuge every weekday morning at sunrise.
It is an 8-mile hike and on the way back I pick up litter to keep the refuge clean
and to stretch out this 67-year old body.
This past week I had a drake canvasback curious about my white trash bag.
Pre-dawn so not enough light for a good photo.