Manistee Cadillac area grouse/woodcock?


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I may be going up around Manistee area in a couple weeks, Oct 6-11, with the family and dogs. My sisters friend has a place there though I usually rough it and camp. How is the bird hunting in the area?

Just look for the right cover and the hunting shoud be good. May have to drive around a little to find the spots and walk in places you think others wouldn't go into rather because it's too thick or too far of a walk. I hunt the Luther area and have been to Kalkaska once and I am always suprised how many hunters I see with dogs. By the time you go up should be a lot of the leaves off the trees and the birds will be a little spooky

you should still see a few. Seems to me I always see more in the first two weeks of the season but I have ran into some suprises even the last week of the the season

A few is better than none. A few per year is about all I see aroung here in TN. I don't go after them specifically though. Not many game birds of any kind around here other than turkeys. Mostly have to travel to find any significant numbers. The trip to MI was like my woodcock encounters: the opportunity just presented itself.
I am always suprised how many hunters I see with dogs.

these areas being discussed are some of the heaviest hunted in the state. lots'a hunters. and this year is no different. if anything, hunters seem to be up.

that said, the time you're going is one of my favorite times of the year to hunt. you'll still find doodles.
Stop by the National Forest office in Cadillac. They have/had maps showing where aspen cutting has been done in the past. Its a good place to start when you are going in cold. Woodcock will still be around at that time too.