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My husband and I are looking to hunt Iowa after holidays, normally go to Kansas or Nebraska but weather has been issue this year and also road condions. Just wondering with the recent snow and weather conditions if anyone can point us in a direction where we might see some birds? Have hunted Grinnell area and Spirit Lake area with limited time just wondering which area is most likely to produce some results. It is only the 2 of us and our 2 dogs but we hunt hard and are willing to work for them.

Thanks for any info ahead of time.

Happy Holidays
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You are in the right area for birds also lost of options for public land. I was in NW/NC there this past weekend and saw plenty of birds, and most were very jumpy, as Springs alluded to. I would say there is maybe 6-8 inches of snow on the ground and the with drifts, walking was challenging but manageable but limited some of the options for hunting grounds, and the ditches were mostly full of snow. Forecast for the week looks to be mild with sunshine so I would imagine that some of that snow will melt.

Good luck