Looking For an English Pointer Pup In The Next 12 Months


My setter is turning 11 this year, and want to get an EP pup in the next year. I live in Northern IL, and don't mind driving up to 400 miles. I'm looking for a well bred EP that won't run too big. I like a dog with a lot of zip so looking to get back into an EP for my next project. I am primarily a pheasant hunter who hunts small to medium CRP fields. Any recommendations or leads would be much appreciated.


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Prairie Drifter on here has a post about one of his pointer pups being available. If you'd be interested. I don't know him or his dogs, just noticed his post and thought I'd mention it.


Check out Hackberry Kennels in Iowa. Bob Konz breeds some nice dogs and would likely have a pup that would fit your needs. Over the 400 mile mark but worth consideration.