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Hey guys,

Just trying to put a list together of public areas that are management for pheasant. I live in Southern Ohio and usually participate in the Chillicothe Pleasant Valley state pheasant releases but would like to travel around on non realease dates to the different wildlife areas in search for wild pheasant. Thanks for the info.
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The areas I am familiar with, that would provide the best chances for success would be Berlin Lake Wildlife Area, Grand River Wildlife Area, and Charlamonte Reservation. All of these are in North East Ohio, and are locations for large bird releases each season. These areas do get hit hard the day of releases, but I have had no problem bagging out several days after the release (see pictures Below).

As for "wild" birds, you are going to have a very hard time finding them anymore: from my knowledge, the last estimates had Ohio's residual pheasant population at under 500 birds in the state...


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Deer Creek had a decent population of "wild birds" years ago but like everywhere else coyotes moved in. That's where I shot my first pheasant in 1994. Here in district 5 we have alot of Wildlife Areas that are involved in the releases. I like to hit up Darke Wildlife Area after thanksgiving because the local PF Chapter gets leftover birds and that place is vacant after the last planned release. One place I've always wanted to hunt was Fallsville but just haven't. Good luck in your search!!!!


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Wild Birds

I've actually put up and killed more wild birds in Ohio than I did going to the state releases. There are wild birds in Ohio. They aren't easy to find. Takes a lot of work. Sorry I can't share where. I will say, you are not going to find many on public land, but they are out there.