Late season


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Anyone planning on hunting the late season here in Michigan? I know birds are few and far between but I'm planning on taking the pup for a few more hunts before the season ends. Need to burn off some the Thanksgiving calories.

I definitely plan on getting out a few times as well. Hopefully with some luck my dog can gather some more experience in the event we happen across some birds. If not, well it will still be nice to get out.

I only recently noticed that the season is longer than I remember. What happened to Dec 1-12 ... I swore that was the season dates for years past. While I am happy to know I have additional opportunities to get out, I don't think MI has the pheasants to support this - especially if we get some heavy snows and the birds end up locked down and easily tracked.
Oh yeah, drove from Colorado to hunt with my son! Well, to see my G-son more than anything but figured while I'm here, might as well let the dog get some work in. Come on Tues.!!!!!!! You are right though, tough to find birds anymore and although I love the late season hunts, I too, feel Mich. does not have to population of birds to support the late season. Hope everyone has a great hunt and hope to see you in the field while I'm here. Will only be here till Thurs. or Fri, then to N. Dakota for a 2 dayer then back to Colorado for a couple of hunts, then on to Kansas for a couple more. Good luck to all!

if pheasant held Jack did to

Jack was not trained to point stops and will not move :D but to look back like come on !!! :cheers: I get close and tell Jack to get the bird!! :D and get set to shoot I could not be happyer with Jack :10sign: FOR JACK
I'll be out that is my favorite time for Pheasant hunting in MI.

My favorite time also. I would be happy if it was the only season.

I don't think the bird numbers are there for a two season either. Our DNRE upland management plan could use some serious help for pheasant and grouse.

Where I live in Jackson county there is quite a bit of state land in the county. Hardly any of it has a been managed for upland pheasant habitat. There is a couple of spots that have been planted in tall grass and native grass and these spots have a decent pheasant population.

On the ther hand there is a lot of state land in the area that hasnt been managed at all and I don't understand why are DNRE hasnt worked with PF and RGS to improve these potential habitat areas.
Late season hunts

I personal did very well, this pass season in the thumb area I was pleased with what the DNR did here. Seen 4 to 15 birds every time out. Made for great fun!
December hunting should not be allowed

Yeh, this will raise some hackles. But seriously, anyone who knows these birds understand you cant keep kicking them out of limited winter cover and expect them to survive our winters or the predation that comes when they are busted out of cover. The DNR, when they allowed this put the last nail in the coffin of our pheasants. Before anyone gets riled up, let's think about this. I've lived and hunted these birds for decades around the thumb, winter cover is very, very sparse. These areas need to be protected....not hunted in time and time again in December. We have damn near lost every bird here this winter. Those birds that you guys busted out of their winter cover in December were lucky, they just died earlier in the winter. Just for a moment, think about what you are really doing next time you hunt wild birds in December.