Late Season Gloves


Looking for feedback and recommendations on late-season gloves. Something warm, but not so insulated that its bulk inhibits gun handling or is too warm on an active hunt. Also waterproof/resistant to prevent saturation from dealing with wet/snowy dogs and obstacles. Also should have good purchase when handling the gun (not slippery).

All brands considered, I don't want to go cheap, but I'm not made of either! I've been very happy with Mountain Hardware and Black Diamond brands in the past.
I use these. They are Cabela's Windstopper brand and I've had them for about a decade. I am unsure if they are even made anymore. The trigger finger on each hand is specialized so I can obviously fire while wearing them. I use them down to about single digits. If its colder than that, I have to put a thin layer of gloves underneath them too. They are not waterproof. I don't need them to be though either. The leather palm helps with grip. They were about 40 bucks when I bought them.


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Thanks! Yes, full-on waterPROOF is unnecessary, I just don't want a material that soaks up and holds water.
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I posted on a different thread. I am pasting the post below. I have worn the Mountain Made more as of late. I do like them a lot. Not quite as comfortable as the Second skin but are warmer. Will by another pair but will go a size smaller.

“Out of curiosity, I purchased a pair of the Mountain Made gloves to compare to the Striker Second Skin. Today, I wore both on a 11 degree day (-10 below with the wind chill). Striker wins the comfortable and have a little more dexterity but both are very good shooting gloves. MM allowed me to access my cell phone without taking gloves off. MM wins on durability and has a slight edge on warmth. My hands sweat a lot so gloves get wet easily. The MM withstood the frosted over cattails keeping the hands drier. MM gloves dry out quicker could dry on the dash of the truck. Striker gloves once wet are just that and it will need to dry overnight. It seems to me that once insides are wet, the Striker still has a little more warmth. Striker fit a little more true to size while the MM were bigger for me. I ordered an XL and will order a L next time. Both are excellent hunting gloves and got a good test this weekend with the cold and wind. I always carry several pairs so will continue to compare the next few weeks. Great recommendation Labs!”
I was speaking to my sister today about this subject and in all of her brilliance (it runs in the family, you see) she suggested looking into gloves for Cross Country Skiing. We grew up XC Skiing and I think this makes sense. When you consider the physicality of both activities...pheasant hunting (late season specifically in this case) and XC Skiing, both require dexterity and well-fitting stuff that allows for mobility and flexibility while keeping you warm in a cold environment, but not too warm given the physical nature of what you're doing.

Most of these gloves have grippy texture to the palms to allow for grip on poles, and are form-fitting, semi-water resistant and generally have the features one would want if carrying a shotgun in cold weather.