Lake Oahe Wings and Walleyes


Was wondering if anyone had ever hunted at Wings and Walleyes? I have the opportunity to go the week leading into Christmas. I wanted to get some info on the type of operation that's run there. Hopefully I can swing getting the days off work.

Benelli Rooster

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I don't know much about their setup specifically but I ran up there one day last fall and again this fall and didn't see much for birds around the area. I would guess theirs are all pen-raised and released but I certainly can't say for sure? Good luck and happy shooting!


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Not sure how serious you are about shooting wild birds but yes that place very well might just do releases birds. Might do your research on that. And some outfitters lie about it, I’ve experienced that. NOT COOL!
Released birds Not as fun in my opinion. Rooster! Rooster! Oh look, ANOTHER ROOSTER!