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I was able to get out today 1 -11-24 for a hunt in the Western part of the state on public land , I was hunting the day before a major incoming weather event. This incoming weather event and about 4 inches of snow on the ground seemed to sure help out with birds holding . I hunted this same area between Christmas and New Years and walked dang near 13 miles without any roosters in the bag .

Fast forward to today and I saw some birds coming out of a cornfield to some switchgrass and intermixed weeds . I pulled the truck over a good distance away from them and worked my Britt into the wind , but couldn’t get close enough for a shot , they New the jig was up . I tried a few other spots but had long flushes and runners . I had Quail covey pointed but held off on them due to the Artic blast coming .

I couldn’t help think about the feild I saw the birds go into that crossed the road , I went back with my Britt Ginger and a new game plan , 80 yds into feild and 1st bird was down, wound up with 3 late season Roosters about an hour after I entered this feild .

I thought I better get my Shorthair some bird work so healed my Old pro and headed back to the truck here is a picture from the 1st 3 birds B8364F7D-66B5-4402-8E61-697D3DD4EFBC.jpeg
I tried a few spots I hadn’t hunted that I thought should be good with very little bird contact , The wind was coming up and I could feel the front start moving in . I was thinking 3 late season Roosters with 3 shots was pretty good for as tough of time as I have had getting on bird this year .

I decided to take a ditch back to the truck close to where I saw Pheasants along the road earlier that morning , my Shorthair pointed a big group of hens and I thought surely there would be a rooster with them but no luck on that group of birds. Then 50 yds more my Shorthair goes on point It’s a Rooster !!! My Ruger Gold Label comes t0 my cheek in one fluid motion and we have our 4 th bird with 4 shots . I have been hunting birds since I was 14 and never have taken 4 for 4 . I am not sure with these artic temps if this is the end to my season but if it is Its not a bad way to end .851D8C20-7434-4397-8AE7-D39233DF8DA1.jpeg


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