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My name is Josh Miller and I recently just moved to Everett from South Dakota. My passion is pheasant hunting so I figured I would post on here and get some opinions. Are the only places to hunt for the most part the release sights? And do these release sights get pretty packed with people? There are 2 release sights near me smith farm and crescent lake, but does anyone else have any other suggestions? Any advice can help. I Currently hunt by myself so if anyone is looking for a hunting partner I am always willing to go. I have a 5 month old lab name duke and I'm training him as a pointing lab and so far he looks amazing. Thanks for all your help guys.
Im a bit South of you in federal way and new to the sport. But have weim that's almost 2 and in need of a mentor. From the most I can gather from friends and family that eastern is where to hunt unless you know a farmer. If you have any pointers or suggestion how to get started id appreciate very much.
Welcome to UPH, yes most of the best hunting spots are the release sites. But the way this goofy state does it. The birds are pretty much gone by the weekend. The ones that harvest the most are the coyotes, they love to see the release trucks
Bobeye do I need to go farther east to get to some decent hunting and if so how far east? Or am I just out of luck? And Eric have you been hunting where you're at? I am always willing to help do you have any questions or just basics or what?
Do some checking the hunting here is very sparce. You need someone to help you get into places. I was out only once this year due to very poor hunting over here
I live in SE Washington and pheasant hunting has been tough at best. The release sites get pretty pounded but did produced earlier in the season. We have had our best luck lately in permission to hunt property, they have produced some wild birds and quail. Scouting and getting #'s will pay off. If you're interested in trying a hunt on the east side this site is a great place to hook up a hunt with a fellow pheasant hunter.

Good luck!
Bughucker how far away from Everett are you? I am willing to drive about 3 hours or so to get the best hunting. Have you heard of any upland bird hunting around chelan lake? I plan on going around and asking ranchers for names and numbers. Do ranchers usually make you pay? I appreciate all the help guys this is awesome!
I Live in the Tri-Cities, Kennewick, about 4+ hours from Everett. I use to hunt near Chelan, Douglas and Grant counties. It's tough hunting now. I have found ranchers let us on their property if I ask them early on in the season. We have gained permission later on in the season but have found scouting early has paid off.
We have found wild birds near Walla Walla and the Dayton/Touchet area here but overall a slower year than the past.
I hope you get into birds. I doubt it will even look like a bad day in SD but there out there, we hunted miles this weekend and got into a few pheasant and several covey of quail.
Best wishes, if you ever find yourself in SE WA, let's hunt!
Bughucker my grandparents have land in chelan. I have never been there but we should try and hunt there! I will definitely make a trip down se to gain some experience from a local! From why I understand I need just ask ranchers to get any decent hunting and luckily I am not shy sobi will be doing that. Do you duck hunt at all?
make the trip to lake terrell. out from ferndale. i hunted there forever.allplanted,but do get wild if it rains and not many hunters out for the weekend. i moved to reno and that is one of the things i miss.