Just a few days left...


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How did the season treat everyone? I can not believe the quantity of birds I was seeing up until a few weeks ago (by Washington standards) and then poof, they up and vanished:confused:
After 2 winters of record snowfall in the Spokane area I thought the bird numbers would be low and I was right.
As a rule most of my pheasant hunting is in Spokane and Whitman counties. Of the 6 or 7 ranches I hunt, only 2 ranches had a enough birds that I felt comforable to hunt. The others had a few birds, but I felt it was better to leave these birds alone and hope for better numbers in the next year or so.
I am very lucky that I really can hunt just about as much as I want, as a rule I hunt only during the week, and this year I hunted more days than I believe I ever did. The reason I hunted so much is I have a GSP that turned 2 in early November and I wanted to get him on as many birds as possible.
The thing that saved my season was I able to hunt quite a bit down in the south central part of the state. In Jan. of 09 I hunted waterfowl down in the Tri-Cites area, and that part of the state did not have the winter we had up here. I would leave my home in Greenacres with 30 to 40'' of snow in my yard, and down in Tri. there was little or none. The birds in that area had a lot easier time than the birds closer to home.
Now there aren't birds everwhere in that part of the state, but I was able to find a couple of ranches that had a lot of birds on them. I found more birds some days down there than I could find in 6 or 7 days closer to home. I probably will spend more time in the off season trying to find a few more places in that area to hunt next year. The 5 1/2 to 6 hour roundtrip drive does make for a long day though.
Also I hunted a couple of the release sites here in the eastern part of the state. As a rule I don't hunt these areas much as I prefer hunting wild birds, but with our low numbers close to home I did hunt them a fair amount this past season. These areas are very hit and miss as many of you know, but if you can hit it right you can find birds.
In a nut shell I would say the season was pretty fair for me, but I put a lot of miles on both my boots and my rig, and I had more than 1 day that I failed to put any pheasants in the bag.
Enclosed is a few pictures of my GSP Jake and a few birds we bagged this past season. Some pics. are wild birds, some are from the release sites.