Its time


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Well saturday is the season opener on the Yakima res.Happy hunting everyone post some pics of dogs and birds. I get to hunt with my two best friends and my gsp Maggie.Good luck .:cheers::cheers:
Enjoy, Bob! We'll have to get out this year. Hank is doing well, hunting, pointing, retrieving shot pigeons. This is his season to seek/find/point/chase/retrieve; next Spring we'll start on the fine points of holding steady & honoring (if he doesn't show that courtesy naturally). I had his dates cancelled yesterday (didn't want to wait until after the season is over); I pick him up this morning & play nurse over the weekend, so we likely won't go out for a couple more weeks (but I'll spend one of those chasing Salmon). I need to find a productive Quail spot for Hank's initial adventures. Stay in touch.