Introduction and Beginner Questions

Hello everyone,

As the name suggestions, I am a late onset hunter located in Kansas City. I have two dogs I plan to hunt with (one at a time). Neither are necessarily "hunting breeds" (one is a GSD, the other is a Gordon Setter rescue mix). Both have been introduced to guns and birds and love it, which is the important part. The Gordon Setter has hunted pheasants in South Dakota.

This will be my first hunting season getting them out in the Missouri/Kansas area. We plan to focus on public lands. I have a few beginner questions I would appreciate some advice on.

1. Can anyone provide general advice on what areas of Missouri are good for quail? I plan to focus on some of the quail emphasis areas maintained by the conservation areas. Are those likely to hold birds?

2. Is there a general direction I should head in Kansas? I see WIHA all over the state, is there a general direction I should head?

3. Is it appropriate to scout with dogs? The season does not open to November, but I would like to get my dogs out and used to running for a few hours on some public land.

4. Any other first season tips would be appreciated.

Thanks everyone.

Matt D

I can’t help with any of your specific questions since never hunted those areas but welcome to the site and also to hunting in general. Never too late to join the fun!!


Glad to have you as a fellow bird hunter! It's going to be tough to get info on the internet as far as spots to go. Part of the beauty of bird hunting is discovering new places. I am pretty sure in Missouri it is ok to run your dogs on conservation land. As far as Kansas you will need to look at the dates that a particular piece of walk in is open.
1. Northern third
2. West. Further from KC the better.
3. I run mine on Corp lake ground, not sure when you can start on wiha ground, but know dog training is not allowed.
4. Break in a good pair of boots and enjoy the dogs and the countryside. It ain't all about killin you'll soon find out.
I always give several of the public lands time and always seem to find birds. You'll need to work for them, but they're there. Quail emphasis areas they really do provide the a better overall balance to retain birds