If I didn't have to work!


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Hello again,

My son and I worked the ditches again and actually finished in O'Brien county today on a good-looking piece of public land. There was zero wind when we started out today. Birds were alert as we did not have one cackler today when flushed!:)

Crops full of corn in the birds and fewer hunters this morning but saw more around noon on the drive back to motel. Every bird was this year's hatch. I looked at my ped app. and noticed we walked just short of 4 miles today. Slightly more than me alone yesterday and must be from those younger legs pushing me!:p My quads and hammies are reminding me of our efforts.

We made quick work of some beautiful points this morning and did not miss a bird! That doesn't happen often. I will give credit to the Crown and Coke relievers/revivers from last evening.

We did have one "cool Iowa" experience as we crossed a gravel road junction this morning. Local farmer offered his land to hunt if we were interested later today. We thanked him for the kindness and opportunity. Where else does stuff like that happen?:) One of the reasons I love our state and its people.

If the drive wasn't so long I would have loved to get in a round of golf today. Life is good!

If I didn't have to work rest assured that I would spend some more time up in northwest Iowa. We are seeing decent numbers of birds and the number of hens is very promising like last year. I still wish for the easy winter and accompanying dry spring which would assist in even larger bird numbers for our state. As you all know the last three years we have had one but not the other.
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Ranger Rick

I also enjoy your great state and it's people. Each year we get permission to hunter another parcel, or two and it's always a pleasure to meet those new folks.