I have access to private land; Looking for a weekday hunting partner w/ dog(s).


Greetings and Merry Christmas to all ! I am mostly a lurker on this site for a couple of years now. I have access to a good amount of pheasant acreage in Phillips County. I'm 70 y.o., retired and only willing to go during the work week - at least until late in the Season. I am in good shape and put on the miles every day hunting. I do not have a dog any longer and really miss the enjoyment and advantages of hunting over a dog. Having a buddy to hunt with makes it more fun also. I really like close working flushing dogs and small pointing breeds, but any well trained dog is a pleasure on the hunt. Hopefully I connect with someone who is simpatico with me and wants to go both yet this Season and for the following Seasons to come. send a PM if you want to meet for a coffee or beer to talk and learn details.

Jim s


Jim, cannot do anything this week but let's try to meet and talk over some possibilities. I will be 71 next week, own two pointing dogs and have been chasing birds solo in Nebraska and Kansas this fall. I live in Evergreen so let's try to get together. Tom Massaro


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Hi Jim,

I am fairly new to this site. I am in a different generation, one of those dang millennials (25 years old). I have a one year old GSP I hunt with. I grew up hunting with my dad back in Iowa and got a dog to try it out on my own in Colorado. Unfortunately I am not retired so weekends are generally my only option, but I do love late season hunting as the pressure has died down and the birds seem to come back. I am based in Denver, let me know if you would be interested in hunting some late season weekends!