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A5 Sweet 16

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One more quick question. Is there a particular year or range of years that is preferred on the Sweet 16. I have a Franchi SL in 16 guage that I really like for longer stints in the field but I keep looking at the A5.
How do you like the Instinct SL??
As for A5's, it's all about personal preference, obviously. I've never heard anyone say 1 particular age range was a better or worse gun than another. Prior to 1975 (or right around there), they were made by Fabrique Nationale in Belgium. Then, until the end of production by Miroku in Japan, although I think there was about a 10 year span in the 70's/80's where they didn't build any Sweet 16's at all. Me?? I have nothing against the Belgium made guns so many guys hold in such high esteem. But when I wanted to buy one, I wanted a new-ish one. Lot easier to find in the Japanese era. I'm also thinking that a new-ish Belgium gun might be considerably more expensive than a new-ish Japanese gun. Also, in my opinion aesthetically, the Japanese guns had nicer wood. Plus, factory screw-in chokes. And I'm sorry. But nobody can convince me that Japanese technology & manufacturing methods (arguably #1 in the world in the 90's) weren't every bit as good (if not better) as those in Belgium in the 40's/50's/60's.
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Thanks for info on the A5. As far as the Franchi it has been a good gun for me. Less than 6 lb. and it's my go to gun for sharpies. The stock wood is pretty plain but when I slide it under a barb wire fence it works for me. For me it's a good working gun and I have not had any problems.