How's Everyone's 2017 Pheasant Season?

With a little over a month to go, how is the pheasant and upland bird hunting?...Especially, the Spokane area bird hunters.

Me...Better than the last couple years on pheasants and about average for quail. One former co-worker claims a "limit every trip"on pheasants on private ground in South Whitman County?
My buddy said they have seen pretty good numbers northeast of the Tri Cities towards Eltopia and east of Othello towards Connell. They have limited out on more than one occasion. When I lived out there we hunted mainly stuff between Moses Lake and the Tri Cities because of living in Yakima. The thing that astonished me was that there were barely ever any hunters out. Good luck out there. I miss WA and the quail hunting.
Been good for me. Lots of time put in but have seen and harvested many more than last season. I think the snow helped with ground water in turn there was more cover and insects.....cover and food and good hunting....go figure
Two hunting buddies from WA have been doing really well this year. They limited out last weekend by 12:30 and have a couple of other late season limits which in WA can be tough to do. Habitat and food a great combination. With the farming practices as they are habitat has been a huge issue. I understand it is their livelihood and my family farms in MN but there are better ways to go about it. The one thing I never understood when I lived in WA was why they always spread or tilled the corner pivot areas where the water didn't hit so much. I know they couldn't reasonably grow anything there but why not leave it for habitat. Plant some drought resistant species that won't be invasive to your crops and leave it for the birds? Also, the farmers in WA tilled right up to the roads which seemed crazy to me. Not sure what the ROW laws are in WA but in the Midwest that doesn't fly. Have a great last weekend and safe hunting.