How do I find “Q”


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Raised in central Iowa shooting pheasants. Never saw or even heard of anyone talking about quail. Live and now hunt a lot in Nebraska, Kansas, and SD. I now have a handful of coveys that I’ve located and can find on a regular basis. Located them with probably a little luck and a good amount field time. Listened to a pod cast where a guy hunted public land across n. Kansas and limited out every day. How in the world? Obviously the birds gotta be there but what are some tips on locating birds in areas that you haven’t hunted?


Quail are gonna be near some type of brush they might be in grass but there has to be some woody growth near. If there are quail around and there are plum thickets they are gonna be there while loafing after feeding.


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Quail are also a transition bird. Sand Plum and Fire brush are great, but you will also find them in any transition area. Shelter belts, field edges, creeks, and areas where grasses change over. In KS and NE always hunt the edges. Another area is structures. Old homesteads, corrals and abandoned farm equipment will also hold quail. If you can find a burned field they will be in the cover within 25-50yds of the burn line.

I wouldn’t bother with CRP except the edges where it borders feed/grain. Most CRP is to thick for quail.

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Totally agree with Aggie! Always around some kind of structure. But the “fireweed” or “kotia” what ever you want to call it. The tall thick shit you hate walking through and can’t see your dogs. I’ve found lots of Q there! But it’s always near woody structure! They are we’re they are!! Awesome little bird!! Good luck!


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I'am from Michigan and have hunted Iowa for last four years. I found quail in Iowa by going to the DNR web site and reading their reports posted each fall. We also called DNR personal, their steared us in the right direction. We really were told about some great habitat. I think you'll find that for each state. Good luck this fall. Shoot straight and be safe.