Highway 2


Heading west to Teddy Roosevelt park North unit. No time limit. Any reason I shouldn't take Highway 2 ? Thanks.

Lazy Ike

I would maybe suggest either avoid or purposely go through Williston. The oil boom has returned but not what it was in its heyday and the infrastructure is much better. There will be a fair amount of oil traffic in the Williston, New Town, and Watford City areas.

I personally find the changes from the oil boom in the Williston area fascinating. There are still a lot of unused or underutilized buildings and equipment that were built during the boom. The area has changed a lot. There is a nice Sportsman's Warehouse store in Williston and with the right mindset a trip to Wal Mart can be quite an experience.

I remember a stop at Walmart in Williston in 12. The boom was booming. It was Sunday and the store was well-stocked from being closed Sat. night/ Sun morning. Lots of dorm fridges, coolers, Gatorade, and water. Isle displays were stocked with Chef Boy Ardee, crackers, and other "convinience" foods. Stuff that could be prepared in RV's or man-camps. The place was packed. There were also the people.
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