~ HIGH OCTANE ~ "REV", an update.

Aye Mates,
They say time flies and such is the case with some "high octane" retrievers like that of one REV, seen below. It seems as though it was just yesterday that a seven month old REV charged at me full bore, launched into the air, and hit me with all four feet square in the chest with a resounding thump that nearly knocked the wind out of me. The first day his owner was leaving him with me for an initial six month train ing stay, I assured his owner that REV'S transgression hurled upon me would in fact be his last. On that day, I took under my wing a gun dog prospect of great breeding, but that was completely out of control, seemingly fueled by a mixture of pure adrenaline and zero early obedience work. Eight weeks later I had the owner and his family come up to the kennel to visit their newly obedience trained dog. REV'S performance for his family that day was spot on and the owner's wife kept saying "that's NOT REV, he switched our dog". Needless to say, the family could not believe the behavioral turnaround REV had made and his compliance with all basic obedience commands. The family was elated at the progress made. I explained to them that the obedience work accomplished was the foundation upon which gun dog related skills would be built.

"HOT" dogs like REV are preferred by many that run in field trials and hunt tests. Most often, such high intensity dogs are not a great match for the feint hearted / inexperienced trainer. All working dog breeds need a meaningful job to lead content lives and to deter them from engaging in negative behaviors as a substitute for the lack of positive activity. Such was definitely the case for a young REV. The formalized training of REV took a pup that was likely heading for trouble and shaped him into a fantastic gun dog, a competent hunt test K9 athlete, and a cherished family companion.

REV'S mega-intensity is always present just underneath a veneer of control, an equilibrium maintained via a lifestyle of consistent and solid obedience demanded, along with a continual program of training and hunting to challenge him both physically and mentally, those being extremely important elements in maintaining wellness in a working dog breed.

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~ High Octane ~ Gun dog trainee HR CHURN CREEK'S EL DIABLO NUTMEG STATE REVOLUTION JH, call name "REV" is seen waiting work marked retrieves from a dog hunting blind. REV is out of an American field trial Labrador Retriever breeding and he can best be described as "high octane". Extremely fast, stylish, intense in focus, and highly athletic, REV does not do much of anything slowly. The acceleration achieved as he leaves this blind when sent on a retrieve is similar to that of a cheetah launching to make a kill.

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~ Walking On Water ~ Sent to make a land - water - land retrieve during a recent training session , REV seemingly walked on water as he blasted across a small training pond to make retrieve of a training bumper on the opposite shore. REV demonstrated high intensity as a young pup and has shown zero tendency to slow down since those earlier days. REV is truly a wonderful working dog to watch in action.

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~ On Return ~ REV is seen making return of the training bumper he was sent to retrieve. REV's lines to and from a retrieve are performed with the straightness of a laser beam, a hallmark of retriever efficiency. I can almost swear I hear the Doppler effect as he performs his work. Adding actual birds to the mix only intensifies his highly focused work ethic.

Upon return to his owner's left side, REV will sit and wait to make classic presentation with delivery to hand upon issue of the command "GIVE".

Currently holding multiple titles under both the HRC along with an AKC Junior Hunter title, REV needs one additional qualifying score to earn an AKC Senior Hunter Title. REV will continue being campaigned toward an HRC Hunting Retriever Champion Title and an AKC Master Hunter Title.
When not competing, REV serves double duty as a wonderful family companion dog and as a highly trained gun dog that is worked on both waterfowl and upland birds. REV'S owner is a law enforcement officer and during his last post, served as the training coordinator for the K9 program for his Police Department.

I have served as the primary trainer for REV since he was seven months old. REV is a true joy to work with.