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Does anyone have any Eastern Washington news on how the Quail and Pheasant hatches are doing? I am worried the recent rain and cold could have done some damage. I truly hope not, I want a good hatches for I fear the snow this past winter, may have killed birds more than we think.....Bob
well, i cant say about the pheasant hatch, but the three pairs of quail we have that live in our neighborhood all have at least 7-8 young a piece...compared to last year, I didnt see a single chick running around the neighborhood...my hope is that this is the same for the birds out in 'the cuds'.
I hope you are right....Bob
seems like you guys in spokane have had a cooler spring/earlier summer than we have. Although we have had a few days of spotty thunderstorms, it hasnt been exactly cool here in the basin...certainly not really hot yet, but by no means cool. I will be out in the field over the next few weeks, so I will keep my eyes open and report back if i see anything impressive in terms of birds...or maybe i wont;)
Sounds good, I look forward and appreciate getting a first hand report.....Bob
thus far...

...no apparent shortage of quail....havent seen many pheasants though, but to be fair i havent really been in good pheasant areas yet either...will keep you posted...
Thank you Beezley, I hope the pheasant report is as good as the quail was. Did your area get the same amount of snow this winter as we did? We really had a pile of it.....Bob
I would say we had more snow than normal, although i am not entirely sure what normal is anymore....but i know we had less than spokane did.
So did we, by a long shot. We set a new record. What worries me is the "Palouse" got more snow than we did. I fear that could have done damage to our bird numbers and breeding stock........Bob