Grouse season open- reports?


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Anyone get out in the first week?

I was supposed to be in NWLP tonight, but weather is just too warm to safely put dogs down right now. Pushed back our trip until mid-week after it cools down.
Back home after the slowest year we have had in a long time. NWLP was very dry and coming off a wicked heat wave. Shot about 2/3's the normal number of Woodcock and no Grouse. Could not find them to save our lives. Off year for sure, but had a lot of fun spending time with the family.

How is everyone else doing?
My season was a bust. Went out twice and only put up 6 birds total.
First trip was during the heat. Put up 2 Grouse and 2 Woodcock. No shots at any of them. It was too hot to hunt for long.
Second trip was in the rain/sleet/snow. Only put up 2 Grouse and had no shot.
Both trips I walked about 5 miles on the ground. I was bummed, but the dog had a good time.
Yeah this season was strange weatherwise, often I was do e by 10 as temps were hitting hi 60's. Always saw birds though. I averaged 2 grouse an hour and 4 woodcock. Birds have grouped backed up. Snow where I'm at helps too, not to deep yet only about 6-8 inches.