Going out with a bang


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December 31st I had my last pheasant hunt.Managed to knock down one rooster.I did learn something important thuogh.The season opener and the last day of the season are the busyest days to hunt.normally I dont see anyone but the 31st I must have seen 50 guys.I called it a day after just 2 fields.to many people for me.I hope everyone had a good hunt.It was a good year for me.MY dog just keeps getting better and better.Im proud dog owner and very fortunate to have a fine companion.
Unless I missed something, the season is open until 1/17 in WA?
Had me worried there for a minute . . . thought I missed my last several opportunities. The way they change seasons & rules in this state, one never knows from one day to the next.

No sweat Koja.Theres still time to hunt the rest of wa.Ive got to go back to alaska and work so its over for me.I might hunt a game farm in feb.But untill then ,there all yours.happy hunting from me and my Gsp Maggie.
Safe travels . . . if you get down this way, give me a shout. "Maggie" . . . I like that . . . the Lab of my lifetime that I had to put down 1-1/2 years ago was named "Maggie" (or Mags, as I called her) . . . great girl!
You bet,im sorry about your maggie i allso call my dog Mags.Im going to be gone a mounth ,then try to hunt Cooke cayon when i get back.so ill post up when I go.