Fox Valley Wisconsin Hunt Saturday/Sunday


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I'm going to go to the Rat River Wildlife area on Saturday morning, and probably Sunday morning also.

It's located just west of Appleton, northwest of Oshkosh, and just northeast of Lake Winneconne.

If anyone wants to go, reply here or PM me.

I've got a young dog (that seems afraid of pheasants, but working on that), and I'd like to get out to the field before the season is over.


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Hoss...good luck on your hunt. Wish you were hunting further south. I hunted Bong this morning. I swung and missed on a bird I should have gotten, and I had my older girl (8 year old golden retreiver) who got excited and chose not to listen to me and ended up blowing out a bird out of range :(I was watching the younger dog work the scent and the older dog got out of my sight...apparently working the same scent.


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Hey, Fox valley, thats trial country. Fox Valley has trials and hunt tests quite a bit. I know some good folks out there you can train with. Just a sugestion, if the dog is afraid of pheasants, u may want to avoid the pheasant hunting this year, and go train building the dogs confidence on some pigeons and chuckar etc. ;) Then let her rip next year.


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Can't do a weekend hunt, but maybe a weekday in a week or two would work? What kind of dog are you running? I am in the process of getting moved to Appleton and will officially be moved on the 15th.


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Hey all new to the boards. I'm located in town of oshkosh. I have a 7 month old German wirehair pointer that needs some field/hunting time. I my self have only been pheasant hunting once. I'm mainly a duck goose guy. But I really want to get into upland bird even though it seems to be a dwindling sport in the valley. So if you don't mind a newbie and possibly a pup to join I'd love to learn! Let me know if you want to.



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Sorry about the inability to reply. I wish I had a better excuse but I don't.

I've been putting pheasant scent on a tennis ball to get my dog excited to search out pheasants, I have no idea if it has been working. I'm going to need him to hunt with a more experienced dog.

This weekend I plan on going to the Rat River rec area, I was there last weekend, lots of deer hunters, so I didn't spend a lot of time there.

If anyone wants to go, let me know, I'm open to anyone and dogs of any skill level.

The best way to get a hold of me is to PM me.
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Hey you guys I hunt fond du lac. If you are ever in the area let me know. I can hunt any day. Own my own business so I can make time