First Nations Vs current OK Gov and effects on Wildlife funding?


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This forum is slow so not sure there are many active Okies on here (sorry as a Kansan that what we were taught to say hahaha - I'm sure you have a nickname for us)

Anyways KS has had many debates over how our WIHA program is funded which I believe is mostly Pitman Robertson funds -- from my limited understanding and Ive yet to fact check it - there is a way states can play a numbers game to get more Pitman Robertson funds money -- KS government is entirely TOO stupid to play the game and leaves a lot of money on the table.

After reading the tiff the First Nations (Cherokee and Choctaw) -- are having with the present OK Governor over the cost of hunting licenses -- apparently a deal had been brokered a long time ago that the First Nations would buy 200k (200,000) hunting licenses at $2 a piece to give out to their citizens - I do not believe they gave out very many of them at all - BUT -- Supposedly this deal was brokered over gaming revenue so the First Nations could keep more of it and in turn this helped out the Oklahoma Wildlife and Parks -- My belief is that the more hunting licenses a state sells the more Pitman Robertson funds they get in return -- so though OK was losing money on the hunting license sales by not selling at full price - they were getting it back in spades via Pitman Robertson funds money.

Seems now the Governor wants more of the tribes gaming money so he's willing to in effect screw over the Wildlife department to spite the Indian Tribes.

Our KDWP is severely underfunded and has been since Gov Brownback took office here years ago - that man is a piece of crap - I hope your current governor doesnt set up your wildlife and parks for future failure like ours has.

If you dont want to read the article - here's one sentence that stands out.
The Cherokee and Chickasaw nations estimated the hunting compacts netted the state at least $38 million in funding.

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