Final Texas Panhandle Hunt of the Season


I made my second trip to Dumas on Jan 2-3. I made a couple of other posts of my first trip earlier.

On this trip, I had planned to bring a small group along but a series of events (knee injury, twisted ankle, etc.) ended up with the rest of the group not being able to go. I decided to go anyway and hunted with Tim Ballinger the first day and Tim and Clark on the second day.

The weather was beautiful with lows in the upper 20â??s and highs in the upper 60â??s. The second afternoon, a front blew in. The wind picked up as we were walking through a milo field and the temperature dropped about 20 degrees instantly. The wind was blowing so hard that one rooster tried to fly in front of me then immediately dropped back down and decided to run instead. That is one of the things I like about the â??big countryâ?� around Dumas. You really feel the presence of nature all around you.

Tim and I got our limit by about 1:30 the first day. We had decided to get a â??lazyâ?� start and didnâ??t get into the field until after 9:00. Here is a picture of me holding the birds in the field where we finished the day.


Timâ??s dogs Lutz and Bree had a great day. There were several great points and both dogs are honoring the other dogs points. Here they are posing with the birds.


Here is a picture of a rooster doing his best to get away from me. You can see the dogs just after the point (and honor point) on the rooster. Just after I shot this rooster, about 40 other birds flushed just beyond where we were.


This is a shot of a hen flushing off a point and testing both my recognition ability and my heart rate!!


For any of you that think the numbers of birds are all gone toward the end of the season, here is proof otherwise. These are pictures of the birds flushing out the end of one field where we had just shot another couple roosters. (These are actually blow-ups of two areas of one photograph, so they are taken at the same instant.)



The next day was great too. I donâ??t have any pictures. Clark did some great shooting and I, erâ??,â?¦.did a lot of shooting. His lab Daisy joined us too and we saw some great work from all three dogs.

Overall I really enjoyed just being out in the field all season. The area around Dumas was great. On my trips to Kansas this year the birds were well hidden, but even so the country was beautiful.

:D Nice Pics!:10sign: