English Springer Spaniel for Grouse


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In a recent Thread I was asking for advice on what breed of dog I should look at getting. There were a lot of great responses and I really appreciated it. My life style at the moment doesn't allow me to get a pup at the present time and it's killing me. But I think when it's time a Springer will be my choice, my question is with the grouse season coming up and with an ample population of local birds, can a springer spaniel make a good grouse dog?
I think if you gave a Springer the keys to your truck he would drive you there too! :)
All kidding aside,although it might not be their specialty a well bred Springer will do a good job on grouse. I like to choose the type of cover I hunt with Springers, by that I mean it doesn't do us any good if we get a flush 20 yards on an opposite side of low growing hemlocks. The dog was well within gun range and did his job but no shot was offered, just use common sense.
I think Springers are great all around gun dogs, but if I hunted grouse exclusively I would look for a pointing dog that had moderate range and came from a long line of grouse hunting bloodlines!
Their speciality is pheasant..but they will do well on grouse! You will have to pick and choose the type of cover you hunt but they can get the job done!
We were at our camp property today to do some work. We decided to push a few covers for grouse, no dogs just four guys spread out We flushed 5 grouse and one woodcock.
My uncle said growing up one of the best grouse dogs he came in contact with was a springer spaniel, I can't wait till my time comes.
Sounds like a nice area!

Do you know when you might be adding a dog to your life?

Not sure, there's more than one issue, family members health and my own work schedule are the biggest...it's just not in the cards right now. But other friends and family have dogs, so I'm learning a lot for when my time comes.
We were in a local sporting goods store getting some ammo and the subject of the upcoming grouse season came up. The guy working behind the counter mentioned that he has Springers and uses them almost entirely on grouse. He offered to take me along to see how they work. Of course I said yes and I can't wait!
It gets better, the guy at the sporting goods store invited me to a training session this weekend. There will be other springer and english cocker owners there as well. It should be a lot of fun!
Just got back from a very early morning training run. All I can say is WOW, if there were ever any doubts there gone now! The english cockers were impressive also, and I might consider them as well. Great morning! :thumbsup:
Think of the English Cocker as a smaller Springer..at one point they came from the same litters when the breed was first coming into existence!
Shot in the dark but any update on the dog situation now that it's been a few years? I belong to a cabin in Central PA and flushed a couple grouse by accident on mid season archery hunt, going to try running my springer this fall. With having new borns I wasn't able to make it back to camp with the dog.