E Colo pheasants. 2012-13. Anytime, retired


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Disclaimer, up front:

Suffer from chronic migraines and as big as pain as it others for others, sometimes I have to cancel plans at last minute, and there is zero I can do about it. Wish it were otherwise, believe me.

Retired (astronomer and teacher) so can hunt any day of the week. Lifelong hunter with lots of ruffed grouse and whitetail experience, but little pheasant. Willing to learn. Have two well behaved Springers, but they aren't the best pheasant dogs.

Have a Ford Ranger 4x4, 4 cyl 5 speed...not fast but great on gas. I make a mean sandwich, and never object to some cold ones at the END of the hunt.

Three kids in college so money is an obstacle, but not an insurmountable one.

CJ Rodkey
Eaton, Colo


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Hey CJ,

I'd be up to try and meet up some time. I work from home (Denver) so I can be pretty flexible with day. Shoot me a PM if you want to meet up some time.