dream trip to SD


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It is my dream to make a trip to SD from WA state to go hunting some day.

What advice would you give to a person making their first and perhaps only hunting trip to SD?
do your research, there a lot of different types of trips depending on what you are looking for. As with this or any hunting trip, don't set your expectations too high, it is hunting and you typically have to work for it. Start your research and chime back in with questions, there are a lot of different places to check out from preserve hunts, U-guide, and all inclusive lodges.
as far as you are going to travel, you should look at U-guide or a guided hunt, too far to travel and hope public ground will produce birds....time of year and harvest are important as well.

You will get many opinions on this so here is mine. Find good private land. Plan on paying between $100 - $200 per gun per day. If you can afford it, you can have your "dream" hunt.
I agree with above poster. Public land has birds but nothing like a good private farm managed for wild birds. We hunt a farm that has so many wild birds that when I tell friends how many came out of a field they say Im a BS er. Do your homework and get references. Wait for the corn to come out. Big help here.